Health Wealth and Sales Conference

October 25, 26 & 27th, 2023

New York LaGuardia Marriott
102-05 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11369

Get Involved and Showcase your Company

The ideal exhibitor is a professional/business who can offer a solution to individuals/businesses to improve their lives. Financial experts, Business to Business solutions as well as health and wellness experts all offer incredible opportunities to attendees who are ready to make their lives more complete.

How to get booked on stages around the world?

Train to the stage with Les Brown.

How to Turn your Business into a Sales Machine

Automate Your Business with Paul Getter

How to Create Video and Media Content with Actionera

How to Build a Virtual team to run your operation

Learn about the latest Health innovations to improve your health and Vitality

Les Brown

Revered as an icon by his colleagues, Brown is in the exclusive Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, the recipient of the International Golden Gavel Award, and Toastmasters International has voted him one of the Top Five Outstanding Speakers. Worldwide.
Les has touched the lives of millions of people as one of the most popular motivational speakers on the planet, as legions of followers flock to hear a man who never stops believing that with proper guidance and training, you can achieve anything you desire in life.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 2,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people throughout the US, Canada and 123 other countries worldwide.
He is the top selling author of over 90 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. Including, Eat That Frog!, Maximum Achievement, The Psychology of Selling and Million Dollar Habits.

Paul Getter

In 2009, Paul Getter was broke, struggling, and delivering phone books out of the back of his car. After teaching himself about the power of internet marketing, he created The Internet Marketing Nerds and quickly became one of the most sought after marketing experts in the world. He has spent over one billion dollars running ads and campaigns for his clients, and has helped scale numerous businesses into eight figures per year.

Eric Stoller

President of Champion Mindset Events, LLC and Co-founder of Les Brown Institute.
Eric produced over 500 live seminars with attendees from 100 to 2000 attendees.
These events have features some of the leading experts in the areas of Personal Development, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Wally Amos, Denis Waitely, to name a few.
As a speaker, Eric has done over 8,500 meetings to over 3,000 different companies, while training over 500,000 sales professionals over the last 21 years.

Omar Periu

Omar Periu now devotes himself to teaching others how to become wealthy. He works with the whole person, mentoring others as much about life and attitude as financial tactics, so that someone can take their unique knowledge, passion, and focus and apply it in strong, steady action. His peers and colleagues refer to him as “The Master Motivational Teacher”

Patrick Ziemer

Author, Speaker, Business owner and mentor. Owner at Magna Wave PEMF providing equipment and training for small animal, large animal and human therapy practitioners and aid in business marketing and development in the area of list building and customer retention. CEO, seed to shelf, wholesale and affiliate sales of hemp oil supplements.

Livia Devi

5D Visionary, Mentor & Trance Channel for an advanced civilization from the 7th dimension called the Arcturian Council of Light.
Her mission, with the Arcturian Council is to activate 5D Leaders, Visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs in their Soul Missions.
Assisted by her Guides, Livia’s teachings are empowering, transformative, and paradigm-breaking as you are taken on a deep journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

Leading powerful group channeling Programs and Activations Livia is teaching quantum technology from 5D/7D, multidimensionality, how to navigate realities and timelines, and co-create with civilizations from the higher realms of existence.

In dedication and service-to-others Livia is a catalyst for the New Earth leaders ready to co-create a new era of human evolution and living from the Heart!

Beejal Parmar

Founder of Gifted Way LLC
Beejal is a veteran of the Virtual Assistent space having spent over 10 years with one of the biggest VA firms globally. Beejal started Gifted Way to help business owners find quality assistance for their companies. Most important helping businesses to effectively use assistants to manage your business.

Champion Mindset: Day 1

Management To Leadership

Marketing For Fast Growth

Future Of Longevity Medicine

Champion Mindset: Day 2

How To Tell Your Story With Les Brown

Selling One To Many With Omar Periu

Offer VIP Lunch Guest Speaker Panel

Creating Content With Actionera

The Power Of The Stage And Creating Your Celebrity Status, And Products Eric Stoller

Using VA To Increase Productivity

Automate Your Business

Creating Funnels Lead Gen And More!

Champion Mindset: Day 3

Putting It All Together

Creating Your Signature Talk And Product And Services Menu

Automate To Scale

Building Content To Raise Your Exposure

Leave With Your Blueprint For Success


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